Editorial information for Volume 2

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Table of Contents:

Chris C. Palmer Kennesaw State University “Historical sociolinguistic approaches to derivational morphology: A study of speaker gender and nominal suffixes in Early Modern English”. abstract full text

Brian Lowrey University of Picardie Jules Verne “The Old English causative verb hatan and its demise”. abstract full text

Stefania Maci University of Bergamo “Popularising scientific discourse for an academic audience: The case of Nobel lectures”. abstract full text

Ewa Ciszek-Kiliszewska Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań “Middle English preposition and adverb twix”. abstract full text

Laura Esteban-Segura University of Murcia “A diachronic study of the prepositions among and amongst”. abstract full text

Patrice Larroque Paul Valery University Montpellier “The Representation of Modality in Non-Standard English”. abstract full text

Magdalena Murawska Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań “A multitude of voices and worlds: Towards a new model of the medical case report”. abstract full text

Masatoshi Konno Tohoku University “Inverted reporting verbs in the sentence-initial position in English: Focus on phrasal verbs”. abstract full text

Takashi Hamada Keio University  “Evaluative Meaning of Negative Expression: Asymmetry between readable and unreadable”. abstract full text

Gordana Dimković-Telebaković University of Belgrade “The semantics and pragmatics of motion verbs in air traffic English and general English.” abstract full text

Alexandra Uzoaku Esimaje Benson Idahosa University “Patterns of lexical collocation in sermonic texts”. abstract full text

Mayuko Yoneda Kyoto University “Analogically-driven strong and weak verb transformations in the history of English: The role of synonyms”. abstract full text

Łukasz Stolarski Jan Kochanowski University “Style-shifting as a function of multiple factors: A corpus based study”. abstract full text

Shala Barczewska Jan Kochanowski University “The 1925 Scopes Trial as a Discursive Event: Does reference to the 1925 trial affect our view of teachers in the contemporary debate over evolution?” abstract full text