1. Editorial and Advisory Boards

The Editorial Board comprises professionals recognized in English Linguistics. Full names and affiliations of its members are provided at https://token.ujk.edu.pl/editorial-board/.

In addition, Token is supported by an Advisory Board including major figures in the field. Full names and affiliations of its members are available at https://token.ujk.edu.pl/advisory-board/.

The Editorial Office may be contacted at: https://token.ujk.edu.pl/contact/

2. Author Responsibilities

– Only original research papers that are currently not submitted for consideration elsewhere are accepted; multiple, redundant or concurrent publication is not endorsed.

– Persons named as authors must have contributed significantly to the research submitted for publication.

– Authors are obliged to ensure that their text is accurately proofread prior to submission, and to provide a complete list of references and, if their research was financially supported, to include a statement to that effect.

– Authors are requested to include their ORCID codes in their contact details.

– Authors are expected to participate in the peer review process by revising their papers when requested to do so; if the revised text is found to be unsatisfactory, the Editors reserve the right to deny publication.

– Authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.

– Corrected page proofs must be returned within two weeks.

– No fees are charged for publication in this journal.

3. Peer-review Process

– All submissions are double-blind peer-reviewed by two reviewers. If deemed necessary, the Editors may obtain an additional review. The reviewing procedure is described at https://token.ujk.edu.pl/reviewing-procedure/.

– Reviews are expected to be objective, and reviewers are required to have no conflict of interest. Reviewers are expected to point out any relevant published work which has not been cited, and to provide any guidance the author(s) may find useful to improve their article.

– Review copies of articles and reviews are treated confidentially.

– Full names and affiliations of reviewers to date are listed at: https://token.ujk.edu.pl/reviewers/

4. Publication Ethics

– The Editors screen all papers for plagiarism; both the publisher and the editors are committed to taking reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers which are in any way based on research misconduct. In no case is such misconduct encouraged, or knowingly allowed to take place.

– In the event that the publisher or the Editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct, the publisher or the Editors shall deal with allegations appropriately.

– The publishers and Editors are ready and willing to publish errata corrigenda. In such cases, authors must email the Editorial office and ask for permission to make retractions or corrections. If an article is retracted, it will no longer be available at the journal’s website, and a note will be added indicating the date when it was retracted; if the article is to be corrected, the revised version is expected to be submitted within two weeks and a new peer-reviewing process is started. Where applicable, authors may request the Editorial Board to add apologies in the published article.

 5. Copyright and Access

– Copyright, access and licensing information may be found at https://token.ujk.edu.pl/call-for-papers/

 6. Archiving

– The publisher undertakes to provide electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content, should Token: A Journal of English Linguistics cease publication.

 7. Ownership and Management

–  Token: A Journal of English Linguistics is an academic, not-for-profit, publication; its management is the responsibility of the Editors and the Publisher.

8. Web Site

– The website of Token: A Journal of English Linguistics is maintained and updated regularly, and every effort is made to ensure high ethical and professional standards.

9. Publishing Schedule

– Publication is planned for late December annually. The due date for individual submissions is 1 March. Contributors wishing to offer special issues or special sections within issues must contact the Editors by 15 January outlining the topic(s) they wish to address and providing a preliminary table of contents (with the names and affiliations of the prospective contributors) – see https://token.ujk.edu.pl/call-for-papers/.