Preface full text

Papers published in Token: Journal of English Linguistics, Volumes 1-10 full text

Wendy Anderson University of Glasgow Metaphor in the digital age: Opening the flood-gates. full text

James Stratton Purdue University Fiction as a Source of Linguistic Data: Evidence from Television Drama. full text

Christina Samson University of Florence From private to public: Letters contextualising the 1857-58 mutiny in the British press. full text

Marina Dossena University of Bergamo Peaceful coexistence? Ideology in the Representation of Languages and Varieties in Late Modern Literature. full text

Paula Schintu University of Salamanca “Theers gud stuff amung uz Darbysher foaks”: Dialect Enregisterment in 19th-century Derbyshire full text

Annalisa Scatà University of Bergamo Ideologies of linguistic representation in Late Modern English: The case of James Fenimore Cooper. full text

Elisabetta Cecconi University of Florence Overlexicalization and semantic variation in the Early Modern English naming of Native Americans. full text

Paloma Tejada Caller Universidad Complutense of Madrid A Cultural Linguistics approach to the “discovery of childhood” in sixteenth and seventeenth century Britain. full text

Nuria Calvo Cortes Complutense University of Madrid Maria Edgeworth’s choice of auxiliary verb in perfect tenses. full text

Sonja Kuosmanen University of Helsinki Terms of Reference and Discursive Representations: A Case Study with Saddam Hussein in the 1991 Gulf War full text

Valeria Franceschi University of Verona Making sure everybody is on the same page: interactional communication strategies in BELF encounters. full text

Patrizia Anesa University of Bergamo Legal English as a Lingua Franca in Academia: The Strategic Use of Repetitions in Lectures. full text

Book review:

Stefan Dollinger Creating Canadian English: The Professor, the Mountaineer, and a National Variety of English Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 2019, xviii + 283 pp.
Reviewed by Carol Percy, University of Toronto, Canada. full text