The call for papers for Volume 10 is closed. The following papers selected for publication are currently under review.

“The variable system of intensifiers in the language of British adolescents”.
“Metaphor in the digital age: Opening the flood-gates”.
“‘A hell of a lot of questions arise among us’: On the grammaticalization and pragmatic development of hell in Late Modern English”.
“Peaceful coexistence? Ideology in the representation of languages and varieties in Late Modern literature”.
“‘Theers gud stuff amung uz Darbysher foaks’: Dialect enregisterment in 19th-century Derbyshire”.
“Ideologies of linguistic representation in Late Modern English: The case of James Fenimore Cooper”.
“‘English’ and/vs ‘Indians’: Semantic variation and re-lexicalisation in EModE pamphlets on the exploration, settlement and colonization of North America”.
“Childhood: A new cultural component of Renaissance England as accessed from the lexicon”.
“Maria Edgeworth’s choice of auxiliary verb in perfect tenses”.
“Making sure everybody is on the same page: Interactional communication strategies in BELF encounters”.
“Legal English as a lingua franca in academia: The strategic use of repetitions in lectures”.