Aleksandra Zofia Kowalczyk The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin “On the projection of FOODSTUFFS on the macrocategory BODY PARTS.”


In recent literature scholars have worked out a number of new categories of meaning development, such as zoosemy, plantosemy and fooodsemy. In this paper we shall focus on the mechanism of foodsemy, a new semantic category proposed by Kleparski (2008), and in particular the cases of food metaphor that are targeted at human beings. Most frequently, the process discussed here involves projection of attributive features and values, sometimes positive, yet most frequently negative, associated with members of the macrocategory FOODSTUFFS onto the macrocategory HUMAN BEING. The purpose here is to present a limited set of metaphorical transfers involved in the conceptual macrocategory FOODSTUFFS. Mechanisms of metaphorical extension to the conceptual categories FEMALE PRIVY PARTS and MALE PRIVY PARTS from the lexical macrocategory FOODSTUFFS shall be illustrated and discussed here. In other words, the analysis will investigate the metaphorical use of food-related terms, such as candy, cookie, apple pie, meat, beef, mutton, sausage, cauliflower as they are applied in reference to female or male privy parts.

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